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I have written numerous stories of "Family Guy" themed erotic fiction.  Looking for the proper way for it to get out there when people search for FG related art (or erotica).  Any help out there?  

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“You got two A’s on your report card?”  Lois Griffin asked her son.  She was in total disbelief… How was that possible?  Chris was a bright teen ager but she couldn’t believe he received one “A” let alone two!  “How in the world did you do that?”


In all the years of high school when Chris brought home a report card, she had yet to see an “A”.  And yet, there it was; and “A” in English and an” “A in Social Studies.  Not only was Lois Griffin in total disbelief, but this also meant she had lost her bet with Chris!  And this wasn’t an ordinary, “friendly” bet; no… This was a most note worthy victory on the part of her son based on the circumstances and of course the nature of the “wager”. 


“A bet is a bet… right Mom?”  Chris said as he held his report card in his left hand while he grasped his dick through his pants with his right hand.  Lois could see the bulge growing in Chris’ sweats.   

“My Gawd!” she thought to herself. “That thing is so huge!” 

How this whole came together was actually set in motion by Lois herself.  She put the two of them onto this path because Lois Griffin demanded more from her son.  Her expectations and his performance had to be higher if Chris was to achieve success later in life.  So as it turned out, she got just that and in fact was about to get more.


In a way, Chris provided a solid contribution to his own success because of a rumor brought to his attention recently.  In the echoing halls of James Woods High School, all one had to do was keep one’s ears tuned and one’s head on a swivel and there was no telling what one might hear.


When Chris heard “Anthony” boasting about his recent sexual conquest to a group of attentive under classmen, he did his best to focus on the content of the conversation.  It was not hard to consider the possibility that Anthony was in fact referring to his own mother!


Although Chris wasn’t entirely sure, he did know that his Mom was extremely fond of Anthony.  In fact, Anthony was just over at the Griffin house this past week helping Meg with some school work.  But he did remember (after Meg left to go to a friend’s house…) that he didn’t see Anthony or his Mom for at least fifteen minutes after that.  As a matter of fact, he did hear a door close and later saw his mom with a strange look on her face… it was a look of pleasant preoccupation. 


Gathering bits and pieces here and there, Chris sometimes heard the word “MILF” mentioned a few times along with his favorite word “blowjob” when he caught wind of vague, unfinished stories that he thought were about his Mom.  But the key phrase that helped him put it all together was something he knew he’d never forget: “… that red-headed nympho sucked my cock for fifteen minutes!  That MILF can really handle a dick!” 

Chris became hopeful that one day, he’d get a blowjob from a girl so that he could brag about it to his friends.  But yet here he was, considering the possibility that under his own roof, there was someone who could provide him that incredible opportunity and in fact was not only good at performing the act… but was his own Mother to boot!       

Suddenly, the idea of his own mother giving him a blowjob became an incredible “turn on”; an extremely arousing prospect that immediately gave Chris a huge boner!  That day at school he darted into the boy’s locker room, locked himself in a restroom stall, dropped his pants and jacked off.  In less than a minute he shot a huge load.  Thick white streamers coated the restroom stall and the toilet seat as Chris tried to stifle his moans.  He stroked himself to completion but lucky for him no one was in the locker room to hear him.   

Heaving a sigh of relief, he stuffed his dick back into his pants and left.  When he got back home, he spent an hour trying to figure out how to get his own mother to want to suck his cock… there had to be a way!


All the excitement went away when Lois Griffin received Chris’ report card in the mail.  Chris sat there as Lois grilled him on the importance of good grades, something his parents talked about all the time.


“Those classes are really hard, Mom!” Chris protested.

“I know… but you have to study when you come home from school… you can’t just go play video games all the time.  If you study a little more the grades are easier to make…”


“I hate homework!” Chris complained as he crossed his arms over his gut. Later that day at the dinner table, Chris felt better (because he was eating…) but he still couldn’t figure out how to achieve his goal.  Maybe he should ask Stewie?  Stewie was always trying to find ways to destroy his mother’s success… maybe he’d have a suggestion.  He quickly nixed that idea because he knew that no one could know about what he was trying to do.  Only his mother would know… It would forever be their special secret.  So how was he going to do it?


Chris was no good at math but he could put two and two together.  So he enlisted two of the ugliest and smartest girls at school who agreed to tutor him in the hopes it would approve his grades.  The terms of this agreement were somewhat “taxing” but that needn’t be discussed here.


Chris started to think his grades were far more important to his mother than it was to him.  He also figured if he could dramatically improve his grades, he might be able to use that as a bargaining chip to get what he wanted.  So he formulated a plan to bet his own mother he could get an A on his next report card.  The payoff? 


A blowjob!   


But the question remained… would Lois Griffin take the bet? 


Lois was actually impressed that Chris was trying to get his grades up.  But she was also concerned Chris might be taking on more than he could handle. 

“I don’t know sweetie… maybe you shouldn’t aim so high…”Lois suggested.  “Maybe it might be a good idea to try for a “B” or a “C” first… that might be easier.”


“I’m gonna get an A Mom! I can do it!” Chris said with conviction.

“Well… you can always try… “Lois said no entirely convinced.  Chris thought carefully what he would say next. 

“How much do you want to bet I can get an “A” on my next report card?”  Chris proffered.  Chris was convinced this was the moment of truth.  He desperately hoped his mother would take the bait. 

“How much would I like to bet?” Lois repeated.  She smiled as her eye brows went up. “What exactly do you have to bet with?”  Lois stood there with her hands on her hips with a genuine look of interest on her face.   

“Well… if I don’t get the “A”… I’ll do… house work.  Whatever you want me to do… for two weeks!” Chris said with a frown to make it more appealing.  “I’ll take out the garbage, vacuum the floor; do laundry… even clean the dishes…”  Chris trailed off.  “What ever you want me to do.”  

Lois’ face went almost white as a ghost.  The idea of Chris helping out with housework was just too good to pass up!  She briefly had a vision of herself hitting the gym, going shopping, and even getting in some solid dildo time… or dare she hope… maybe have some fun with Anthony? 


“You gotta deal!”  Lois exclaimed.  Lois was totally convinced she had Chris right where she wanted him to be.  There was no way in hell he’d get an “A” on his report card.  It would take a miracle. 


“Wait a minute… but what f I get an “A”?” Chris asked.  Chris spoke clearly and quietly so Lois wouldn’t suspect a thing. 


“Oh honey… whatever you want!” Lois chirped.

“OK, if I get an “A”… I get 50 dollars!” Chris threw the terms out plain and simple.


“50 dollars… hmmm… OK, I can do that… “Lois still figured it was worth it.

“Mom… what if I get two “A’s?”  Chris asked.  Here it goes… this was for all the marbles

“What?”  Lois rasped.  “Are you kidding me?  Not in a million years!  That would really be over your head Chris.   Look…. I’m not trying to discourage you but one “A” will take quite the effort.  You’ll need to focus on a number of things just to get an “A”.  Do that first before you put too much pressure on you self. “  Lois really did not to see Chris be disappointed. 

“I know… but what if I do?”  Chris asked anyways.


“Well Chris… if you get two “A”s on your next report card… you can pretty much name your price.  Within reason...” Lois said.  Chris paused and then dove right in.


“A ‘blowjob’…” Chris said calmly. “That’s what I want… a blowjob.”


Lois looked at her son.  She knew what she heard because Chris said the word twice.  She quickly stifled her instinctual reaction, thinking she wanted to control the discussion as well as her emotions.  In spite of herself, what immediately came to mind was the night Peter led her into Chris’ room (While he was asleep of course…) just to show her the size of Chris’ penis!  That was the moment she marveled at the size of her son’s tool.  The moment they walked in, Chris must have been dreaming because the blanket was already “tented up”.  Peter carefully pulled back the covers exposing an enormous erection the likes of which Lois had never seen before.  She almost gasped!  But Lois kept to herself her wanton desire to one day sample that huge organ and savor the satisfaction that the length and girth would no doubt provide.   That thought gave Lois pause… and that thought… that hesitation put her on a new heading. 


“Hmmm… “Lois mused. “Chris… um, normally a mother would say no to the mere mention of… spoiling her son in that manner… but since there is absolutely no possibility you’ll get two A’s… I will agree.”  Lois crossed her arms over her chest. 

“If you somehow get two A’s on your next report card… I’ll give you… a ‘blowjob’” Lois whispered the word tastefully as she weighed her words carefully.  “Here are the conditions however!”  Lois was firm but not overly demanding.


“Even if this never happens… No one knows we had this conversation.  Ever!  I want to see that report card so I know it isn’t a forgery!  If I so much as think it’s a fake, not only is the deal off but I’ll have you doing housework for a month!  You understand me?” 


“I understand Mom.”  Chris replied.


So now all he had to do was get two A’s on his next report card.  And that is exactly what he did!

In the interest of saving time and so as not to bore the reader to death, we’ll skip the description of the monumental effort Chris Griffin put forth to accomplish his goal.  His tutors were supportive and diligent although unaware of the reason for his dedicated approach.  A week before the report cards were sent out, Chris decided to hold off masturbating… THAT was so much more difficult than any studying he had to do but he knew the result of his abstinence would be most rewarding. 


 He once held back for five days (because he was sick...) and when he finally felt well enough to jack off, he shot a bucket load of cum!  It was one of those loads that was continuous… never ending… copious but oh so intense!  He kept stroking it and it just kept squirting… It sprayed out “everywhere”.  It wasn’t a normal “squirt, squirt, squirt…”  It was a continuous gusher, accented by blob upon blob of creamy man glue.  It not only shot out and upward but it dripped down all over his fingers.  The peak of the pleasure was right at the beginning of his ejaculation (it was his favorite part!) and then it was a glorious relaxing let down as he watched his dick spit out its contents until it was empty.  


After weeks of hard work, and gut-wrenching anticipation, the day had finally arrived and the report card was in the mail.  Chris had told his mom the mailman had just finished his delivery so Lois went outside to check the mailbox.


“I think it best we open this together…” Lois suggested as she sat down and opened the report card envelope.  


“I can’t wait!” Chris said excitedly.  “Can we go upstairs Mom?”


“OK… I guess… if you want some privacy.  Don’t be too disappointed sweetie…” Lois agreed.  Once inside Chris’ room, Los Griffin opened the report card… Chris had two A’s!  One in English and one in Social Studies.  Lois couldn’t believe it… she was literally stunned! 

Jesus Christ!” Lois rasped as her eyes widened.  “Not just one A… but two!  She almost fell over.


“Yea!  I did it!”  Chris cheered.


“Yes… yes, you did!”  Lois Griffin groaned inwardly as she reluctantly put aside the vision of Chris busying himself by cleaning the house for two weeks.  But instantly…she remembered!  She lost the bet… now she owed her son a blowjob!


“Well… Mom?”  Chris said while quickly snatching the grade slip from out of her hand.  “A deal… is a deal… right?”


Chris walked over and closed and locked the door to his room.  He was already getting a hard on…


“Oh… boy… “Lois moaned.  “I guess you wouldn’t give your mother a ‘rain check’ would ya?”


“No!  A deal is a deal!” Chris said firmly, crossing his arms across his ample belly.  Without wasting another moment, he unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his zipper and out popped his erection.  Lois inhaled briefly in disbelief.  Getting down on her knees, she was at eye level with Chris’ nine-inch cock.  She looked at the impressive organ with genuine wonder.  “It’s bigger than I remember…” she gasped as Chris placed a hand on the top of her head.  Lois simply could not believe how long and “thick” it was.  Being close up to his "thing" was a tad bit intimidating... 


“You can handle it… right Mom?” Chris asked as he gave her head a small tug; hoping to get things moving along.  Chris was starting to catch fire; he was getting anxious and his arousal was peaking… he had waited a long time for this, thinking about if often.  Now the moment was here!

“Oh, I suppose so… I should… (glumph!)” Lois’ words were cut short as Chris used his hips and his hand to align his cock with her mouth.  Lois cooperated of course and parted her ruby-red lips in preparation for the payoff.  Chris immediately leaned forward, pushing her head down at the same time.  Plop!  His cock went all the way in to the back of her throat! 

“Oh… that really feels… good!  Chris groaned as he pushed his hips back and forth, his cock going deep into his Mother’s mouth.


Lois pulled back, spit out his cock and glared at her son.


“Now look here!” Lois was angry, but only because Chris was thinking with (of all things... ) his dick!  He was overly anxious so a proper beginning was in order.  She seized the moment to take control of the teen ager to make it pleasurable not only for him, but for herself. After all the fact is his tool was a most wonderful thing and she wanted to make this experience a memorable one for both of them. 


“Let me do this Chris honey!” Lois dictated.  “Believe me, especially if you never had a blowjob before… it’s more fun if I control the tempo… Trust me; I know what I’m talking about…” 

So Lois made Chris sit back and get comfortable.  Then she went to work… but of course, for Lois Griffin… sucking cock was never work… but she always had fun working cock!


Chris sat back amazed overwhelmed as his mother put on a most incredible performance.  Lois Griffin was a gifted “giver” and oral sex was her specialty.  Chris was soon at the peak of the pleasure spectrum.  His climax was loitering right around the corner… Lois had no problem managing his enormous erection with her mouth and tongue, using firm head strokes while simultaneously squeezing Chris’ bloated ball sack.  Chris moaned as the minutes flew by.  Chris was primed to go off like a canon… and that’s exactly what happened.


“Oh Mom!  I’m… I’m… ugh!”  Chris grunted in his throat.  “I’m… cumming!” 


Chris cried out and shot his load.   Lois managed to lean back just in time as Chris’ cock erupted like a fountain.  Warm semen shot high into the air, spurred on by Lois’ expert hand.  Thick white ropes sprayed out landing everywhere.  His nads stiffened as every ounce of ball batter streamed out from the tip of his dick.  Lois watched enthralled… She had never seen the like… so much jizz!  So much at one sitting… It was almost unbelievable! 


“Oh… Oh… jeez!” Chris bellowed with each arcing squirt.  Finally, he ran out of gas.  The geyser-like salvos eventually stopped which gave Lois and Chris a chance to catch their breath.


Chris was totally fried and completely spent. The feeling he had was one of total satisfaction.  The buildup was rather quick and while it didn’t seem to last very long, it was extremely intense!  Right up to the moment he came it was everything he had hoped it would be.  The fact is his Mom was really good at sucking cock… looking down, he was not surprised at what he saw.


There were small pools of cum everywhere.  It was on his shirt, his legs, the bed sheets, and of course Lois Griffin was plastered with jizz!  Lois Griffin did a really good job of dodging what would have been a “super soaker”, but there were sticky white strands draped all over her hands and arms as well as her shoulders.  Some even landed in her hair.


“That was truly amazing Chris!” Lois complimented her son.  Given the scene around her she still noticed Chris’s cock was still “firm”.  He just dumped a huge load so how was it possible that his dick was still hard?  

“You came so much… much more than your father usually does, and he isn't partial to blowjobs!”  Lois looked at Chris.  “That was impressive to say the least… but there was no way I could have swallowed that… no way!” Lois would have drowned making the effort. 


“Oh, yeah… that was a good one…” Chris echoed.  “I really… enjoyed that.”  Chris frowned suddenly.  “How come orgasms don’t last very long?”


“I don’t know sweetie.”  Lois replied.  “Maybe something that feels that good was not meant to last very long…”


“I wish it did…” Chris reflected.  “It feels so good right when I start to come… and then… you know, I guess I only get to come a certain amount… know what I mean?”


“I do, honey.”  Lois sighed.  “Time to clean up, Chris.  Can you put your clothes in the laundry?”


“OK” Chris did as he was told.  Lois was on her way out the door when she looked back at Chris.  He was standing there stroking his cock back to life!


“What… what are you, uh… doing?” Lois asked with genuine interest. 


“I’m still… horny!” Chris groaned.  Lois turned around, closed the door again and locked it for the second time. 

“Well… let’s see what we can do about that!”      

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Lois Griffin and Donna Tubbs were getting plowed at the same time but Cleveland and Peter were on opposite sides of the tracks.

“Oh, Jesus, Cleveland!  Go easy with that thing, will ya?” Lois groaned as Cleveland Brown stroked his ebony snake in and out of her soaking wet pussy.  Cleveland was poised for success with a firm grip on Lois’ firm ass cheeks, pulling back on her succulent gluts with each aggressive thrust. 

“What’s the matter, Lois?”  Cleveland huffed as he increased his tempo in a demonstration of enthusiastic bravado for his Caucasian neighbor’s wife.  “Is Peter not taking care of you like he ‘ought to?  Shame on you Peter… Take notes my friend!”    

“Damn, Cleveland!  Donna’s pussy is as big as a warehouse!”  Peter countered as he slammed Donna from behind, her pillow ass undulating under the weight of his beer belly. “Time to alter my destination and take the old ‘Hershey highway’…”

“Oh you bastard!”  Donna moaned as she glanced back over her shoulder.  Kneeling next to Lois, the two ladies were side by side, hip to hip their asses stuck up high while the boys took care of business from the rear.  The “fapping” was at a fever pitch, both men trying to out-perform the other.

“Donna’s pussy may be big as a warehouse but you gotta have the right size ‘truck’ to drive her home!” Cleveland chuckled without losing his tempo.  Lois was grateful…

It was actually Peter’s idea after a few beers and a couple of shots (the girls however, only needed a few glasses of wine after which they became more amused than anything else… the two boys always bragged about their manhood but Cleveland was the more ‘gifted’ between them… and Peter knew it).  Listening to their bawdy descriptions as the conversation wore on became more comical than they had anticipated, making it difficult not to laugh out loud.  The ladies rolled their eyes at the continuous innuendo as the “pissing contest” continued.  Peter claimed his sexuality was beyond reproach although Lois knew better; Cleveland oddly enough didn’t get a vote from his own wife in the same discussion.  While Donna was pleased with the size of Cleveland’s ‘member’, he wasn’t always able to maintain his ‘wood’ or even get in the mood when she happened to be ready.  Lois on the other hand was often disappointed with her husband, not so much because of length or ‘girth’, but Peter would much rather get drunk than have sex!  When they were on the same track, it was great… these days they rarely got on the same track and that bothered Lois more than it bothered Peter.  And with all her would be ‘suitors’ clamoring for Quahog’s resident MILF and her ‘oral expertise’… Lois Griffin began to be more selective as to when Peter was allowed ‘in’. 

But eventually the wine got the better of the two ladies which made them more willing and less inhibited.  Donna surprised them all by “twerking” her considerable ass to a musical selection made by Peter (perhaps hoping to garner exactly that result…) which got the ball rolling… and Lois let her eyes wander over in the direction of Cleveland’s noteworthy ‘junk’.  No one knew that Lois Griffin and Cleveland Brown shared a rather heated moment some time ago, the result of which resulted in a rather passionate romp the two of them didn’t think would actually happen; Lois was dutifully impressed with Cleveland’s stamina as well as his huge cock.  Lois didn’t walk right for a week, telling Peter she strained her hip while working out (which was actually true in a sense of the word…).  Donna however had been true to Cleveland since the day they were married (although she doesn’t count the time Lois’ son Chris shot a huge load all over her tits when he was sent over to help her move some boxes into their garage… Donna had never seen a boy cum so much at one time in her entire life!).

Things caught fire when the ladies were kind enough to kneel side by side in front of their boys as they all got naked in preparation for the ‘coming attractions’.  The boys leaned back on the couch, eagerly awaiting what came next.  Facing their husbands shoulder to shoulder, Lois got the party started with a furious oral demonstration, quickly elevating Peter’s dick to a rock hard state. 

Holy crap, I forgot just how good she is at this… yeah, I can see where this is going!”  Peter moaned as Cleveland and Donna watched totally captivated by her enthusiasm.  Her head bounced up and down the entire length of Peter’s dick at a pace the Brown’s thought was almost humanly impossible.

“Damn, Lois!” Cleveland’s cock began to stiffen, knowing exactly just how exquisite that feeling was, having experienced Lois’ skill set once before.  “That’s rather impressive…” Donna watched as her husband’s dick turned into a redwood. 

“You go girl!” Donna cheered as Lois slobbered away on Peter’s cock.

The boys enjoyed the generous attention their cocks received from their dedicated wives, relishing the relentless tongue and lip (as well as throat) action applied by Lois and Donna respectively.  The dreamy look in their eyes was a tell-tale sign of on-going oral satisfaction. 

“You know Peter… you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch!” Cleveland commented with raised eyebrows as he continually glanced over at Lois.  “I certainly wouldn’t mind trading places for a while… if you are so inclined?”   

Peter Griffin on the other hand (not the least bit disappointed with his wife’s expertise…) stole a few glances over at Donna Tubbs and her full, generous, succulent lips and couldn’t help but be curious if Donna’s skills were equally enjoyable.  “I’d love to have those pucker-packs wrapped around my dick when I shoot a load!” Peter thought to himself.  “Jesus!  That would be so fuckin’ sweet!  I wonder if Lois wouldn’t mind.”   

“Hey!  I know… why don’t we switch, Cleveland?”  Peter huffed.

Both Lois Griffin and Donna Tubbs slowed their oral affections… looked up at their men (while keeping their husband’s cocks firmly gripped in their mouths…) , looked at each other with a slight turn of the head, and then back at their boys.  Lois spoke first.

“OK by me…” she said with a knowing smile.  “What about you Donna?  We can play ‘musical dicks’…” she giggled while squeezing Peter’s nads. 

“Hmmm… always wanted to try ‘white meat’… never had it before!”  Donna said as she released her husband’s sopping wet pole. 

The ladies switched positions and quickly returned to their duties, Lois Griffin now working Cleveland’s dark meat while Donna Tubbs and her lipstick coated ‘juicy reds’ lathered Peter Griffin’s manhood.  Peter’s heart pounded the moment Donna engulfed his dick.  Her lips were exactly what he imagined them to be… generous, slick, attentive, deliberate, giving, soft, wet and oh so delicious!  He watched in euphoric disbelief, wishing this slice of heaven would go on forever… he knew she would make him come this way real soon. 

“Fuckin’ A!” Peter growled.  “This is … incredible!”  He watched as Cleveland’s wife man-handled his pride and joy, relishing the contrast of his pale organ being buried between Donna’s amazing dark-skinned lips.  The slow deliberate motion was highlighted by generous sweeps of her velvety tongue along the underside of his dick.  Peter closed his eyes and leaned back, letting the rush wash over him. 

“Oh, Lord have mercy!” Cleveland whimpered.  “Lois… hmmm… that is so nasty but it is so damn fine, too!”  He looked down at Lois Griffin as her mouth descended the entire length of his fully erect cock, submerging the African American ‘anaconda” all the way down her throat.  Cleveland gasped at the intense pleasure of being entirely buried in his wife’s esophagus.  To accent what seemed to be an already impossible feat, Lois pushed her head down even further, her tongue slithering past her lower lip, to tease Cleveland’s swollen ball sack with tantalizing ‘butterfly-like’ strokes.  Cleveland groaned in response.

“Oh… my!”  Cleveland glanced over at Peter.  “If Lois was my wife… I’d have my dingus in her mouth all the time!

“Watch your ass, shuga’!” Donna paused to scold her husband.  “Don’t be havin’ too much fun over there…”

“Donna!  Don’t stop!  Don’t stop!” Peter cried out, his voice cracking as he spoke.  “I’m gonna… oh… Oh, yeah!” 

Lois acted quickly, increasing her tempo, now that she knew Peter was going to come.  She wanted Cleveland to come at the same time, so both the boys would be focused on their climax… and not comparisons. 

“Oh, Lordy!”  Cleveland closed his eyes and leaned back, knowing Lois put the pedal to the metal.  Later that evening Cleveland would sneak into the bathroom while Donna was asleep just to jack off to the memory of just how good Lois Griffin was at sucking cock!  

Both ladies knew it was inevitable.  Before any of this sort of thing was even a reality, Cleveland occasionally commented how interesting it would be to find out if the rumors were true: did Lois Griffin give ‘exceptional head’?  And even though Donna wasn’t especially thrilled, at least she was able to enjoy herself as well.

Lois and Donna glanced up at their men.  Cleveland’s  expression of pending delirium affirmed his complete satisfaction.  Peter was a drooling mess, his mouth hanging open as his orgasm approached.  Both boys were at the brink and the timing was perfect.

“Oh, damn it!  Here I come!”  Cleveland announced.

“Me, too!  Holy crap!”  Peter groaned. 

Two cocks erupted into two waiting mouths.  Two generous amounts of pent up semen sped through their internal pipes and shot out in repetitious blasts, quickly filling two oral cavities.  Lois was expecting no less than a copious quantity and Cleveland didn’t disappoint.  As before, his body could produce a bucket full if his cock was treated with the stimulation level she possessed and that is exactly what happened.  Lois swallowed quickly, reacting with efficiency to the task at hand.  Cleveland’s jizz was warm and thick and a tad bit salty.  She continually bobbed her head as Cleveland groaned with each convulsion.   

Donna experienced what was a couple of first time things for her; not only had she not sucked on a white man’s dick before, but this was the first time a white man came in her mouth.  Peter’s ball juice was the first white man’s cum to ever see the inside of her mouth.  Not wanting to spoil the fun or ruin Peter’s experience and making sure she impressed on the same level as Lois Griffin, she reluctantly swallowed every drop.  Cleveland would comment later that night, “You haven’t swallowed my cum in years!  And you go on and swallow Peter’s jizz without battin’ an eye? Come on now!”      

Cleveland’s and Peter’s orgasms racked every nerve in their bodies.  Both men climaxed worthy loads amid grunts and moans that were probably heard by the neighbors.  Both ladies met the challenge, swallowing every drop of cum as they milked two squirting boners that gradually wilted and drooped.  Cleveland and Peter panted from exhaustion, as they leaned back and caught their breath.  Cleveland ran his fingers through Lois’ hair, something Donna never let him do after a blowjob.  Donna’s hair was way to stiff.

“Milk it… keep sucking... Those lips are so beautiful!”  Peter moaned as Donna dallied with his penis, sucking and kissing the spent tool in an affectionate manner.  She eye-balled Peter to see his reaction which brought a smile to her face.

“God, I LOVE those lips, Donna!”  Peter sighed.

“That was one freaky adventure!”  Cleveland smiled.  Hands behind their heads sporting looks of complete satisfaction, the boys relished their maleness, basking in the afterglow of orally generated orgasms. 

“Now don’t you boys get too comfortable!” Lois said as she stood up and unbuttoned her green blouse.     

 “Yeah! You boys got work to do!” Donna echoed as she also stood and peeled off her blouse and slacks.  Her ponderous cleavage came into view right before Donna unsnapped her bra. 

Holy crap!”  Peter said.
Dayum!”  Cleveland echoed.

While it was not always the case, the men geared up immediately, their flaccid tools recovering in an astonishingly brief period of time.  Both boys knew more pleasure was to come.  Lois and Donna stripped down to their birthday suits as Cleveland and Peter applauded the show.  Lois’ trimmed red pubic hair got a close inspection by Cleveland’s probing eye.  His tongue soon followed which Lois later would say was most enjoyable probably because of his mustache. 

Peter availed himself of Donna’s huge pillowy breasts, squeezing and fondling her double D cup mammaries.  He suckled, rubbed and tugged at her dark brown areola.  He stuffed his face in between her king-sized knockers; pushing and pulling each chocolate-colored globe much to Donna’s delight, savoring the squeals she emitted in response to his breast-fetish attention.  Lois had boobs and they were nice but they were not as big as Donna’s… 

“I say doggie-style!”  Peter finally announced.  “Cleveland, Donna’s ass is one succulent treat I intend to enjoy from behind!” 

“I agree Peter!”  Cleveland said as he paused his tongue-lashing of Lois’ pussy long enough to voice his reply.  “Let’s do it!”

In a matter of minutes, the boys were behind their ladies; Cleveland firmly ensconced in Lois Griffin’s buttery snatch while Peter’s pecker was properly placed behind Donna’s delicious coffee-colored booty.  Plowing away with determination, both ladies whimpered their approval as two rock hard dicks ravaged two well lubricated pussies.

Four delicious globes undulated in response to continuous thrusts; Cleveland’s cock a dark ‘pocket-rocket’ of consistency, coated with Lois’ vaginal juices; Peter’s dick a sharp contrast of white meat pulverizing a most responsive ebony beaver.  Both ladies climaxed within minutes, surprising Donna in that she came twice!  Lois was still impressed with Cleveland’s girth, which was the perfect initiator of no less than three gut-wrenching climaxes!  Lois was turning into a bowl of female jello, desperately hoping Cleveland would come to alleviate her growing discomfort.  She also wished Peter would do the same in order to conclude this sexual frenzy they had stumbled into.  As pleasurably intense as it was, she couldn’t take too much more of Cleveland’s ‘Johnsonville Brat’. 

Donna on the other hand felt absolutely wonderful and wasn’t in any hurry but she did notice the look on Lois’ face; Cleveland and his horse cock could do that to a woman… Lois was no exception no matter what her skill set was.  While she was slightly jealous, she knew Cleveland was “just in the moment” and would probably feel guilty for weeks afterward.  That brought a smile to her face.  Everyone had their own take on the events taking place…   

Cleveland:  “Boy, I could fuck this white pussy all day!  Damn, we gotta do this again!  Lois is tight, white and right!” (He thought to himself).   

Peter: “Holy crap!  Donna has a totally sweet fat ass!  I could spank that booty any time if she’d let me… if Lois let me… I’d love to stick my cock up her chocolate brown eye!  Fuck!” (He thought to himself).   

Lois: “Oh my Gawd! Cleveland’s cock is just too much!  I’ll have to make an appointment with this man sometime real soon… but not until next week… he is wrecking my vagina!  Are you gonna cum or what?” (She thought to herself). 

Donna: “This whit boy ain’t too bad!  At least he knows how to handle a big set of titties… too bad Cleveland can’t do that!” (She thought to herself). 

 “Oh, no Peter… I feel another one comin’” Cleveland warned as he grabbed Lois’ ass with a firm grip.

“Me, too, Pal!”  Donna’s ass is sweeter than I thought… I say ‘hot dogs’ and ‘mayo’!”  Peter called out, while deciding Donna’s pooper would have to wait until next time. 

“Here I come!”  Cleveland gasped.

Just before Cleveland and Peter’s cocks exploded again, they both pulled out at the same time in what could presumably be considered an orchestrated maneuver.  Maintaining contact, they placed their squirting penises between Donna and Lois’ butt cheeks, wedging their pulsating puds in the cracks of their asses.  Cleveland and Peter of course possessed ‘beer bellies’ of noteworthy size which assisted with the ‘hot dog’ position.  Squeezing their cheeks around their cocks, the enclosure provided the perfect amount of friction.  Cleveland and Peter cried out as they shot their loads all over Donna and Lois’ asses and backs, their guts literally sitting on top of their dicks. 

“Damn!” Cleveland groaned, as he splurted cum all over Lois’ back. 

“Holy crap!”  Peter moaned as he heaped a healthy dose of Griffin ‘goop’ all over Donna’s savory ass cheeks.  The light colored cum was a visually entertaining contrast as it draped across her coffee –colored skin.

“You boys had enough?”  Lois asked as she looked back over her shoulder at Cleveland and her husband.

“That was so fucking awesome!”  Peter sighed as he rubbed his cum all over Donna’s ass.  “Who wants pizza?”

Later that night, Lois and Peter were lying in bed together, thinking about the fun they had that day.

“So, Peter… I have to ask…” Lois started.  “Did you like Donna’s big ass and huge tits?  Was that a huge turn-on for you?  It seemed like you really got off on her boobs… she is a “T” and “A” woman like no other… I’d like to know…”

“I don’t know Lois… did Cleveland’s huge cock do it for ya?  Would you like to ride that horse again?”

“Good night Peter…” Lois said as she rolled over.

“Good night Lois…” Peter said. 

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Glen Quagmire was plowing away at a blistering pace.  His slender hips were a total blur as he rammed his cock in and out of Lois Griffin’s soaking wet pussy. Once again, he was blissfully enjoying the generous hospitality of his gorgeous neighbor, taking full advantage of Peter Griffin’s complete lack of appreciation for this beautiful, sexy and energetic woman.  Quahog’s “Playboy Pilot” was sharing some impromptu afternoon delight with the city’s most popular MILF; a most worthy recipient of Glen Quagmire’s amorous affections.  Lois Griffin was one of the few challenges in his life that was always welcome.  Everyone who was aware of her standard with regards to private affairs knew that unless Lois Griffin was pleased and totally satisfied, she never came back for more.  When it came to their relationship… she always came… back for more.

But for the most part, their familiarity with each others needs was well established; having experienced several moments of unbridled passion, the two Quahog residents quickly realized the parameters of their relationship.  Simply put, Lois Griffin decided when, where and how… all Glen had to do was be ready at the drop of a hat.  He always was… ready.

So it was a tad bit unusual to see Glen Quagmire knock on the Griffin’s front door in the hopes of acquiring some afternoon “nookie”.  But when Lois answered the door he knew he was in luck.

Dressed in a see-through bathrobe, Lois had the look that she was expecting company but that was highly unlikely.  Her bare feet and no makeup look still delivered a desirable appearance and Quagmire was willing to bet Lois was a few compliments away from slipping into the proper mindset.

“Woah!”  Glen gasped with his trademark infectious smile.  “Hey!  You sure look nice there Lois!”  Lois smiled back as she ran her fingers through perfectly styled red hair.

“Aw, go on Glen!”  Lois said.  “I’m just hangin’ out today… got no plans… didn’t feel like getting’ dressed… “

“You don’t need clothes for what I got planed Lois!”  Glen thought to himself.  His eyes alone were an indication to Lois of exactly what her always horny neighbor was thinking.  He let his gaze drift from her beautiful green eyes all the way down to her slender ankles. 

“I’ll be holding both those ankles far apart if I play my cards right!  Giggity!”  Glen mused as he drank in the female vision before him.  As far as Glen Quagmire was concerned, Lois’ body was a total dream for a woman with three kids.  But that made no never mind to a man who had an established opinion of a woman he revered in bed. 

All that mattered to Glen was burying his face into her clam long enough to make her nice and wet so he could ram his cock all the way in to a most delicious pussy.  It always amazed him how tasty she was!  She always tasted so damn good anytime he had the pleasure of using his tongue on her.  And it didn’t matter what part of her body he happened to be licking… Hell, her brown eye was a tasty “port” that had a flavor all its own he could never quite put his finger on that he could adequately describe.  Savoring Lois’ “privates” provided a dining experience unmatched by any of his past female partners.  As hard as it was to admit, he had tender feelings for Lois Griffin, but at the moment those feelings were being displaced by a burning desire to have sex with this beautiful woman.

“You know… I was thinking… maybe you were in the mood for some… Giggity!  Glen offered as only he could do; along with a smile and a wink.      

Lois looked at Glen as her hands went to rest on her hips which of course accented her response.  “You are quite the horny bastard, you know that?”  She said with a sigh.  “Ah, but that’s what I like about you!  Of course what you got goin’ on in your pants isn’t exactly an FBI clue…”

Glen glanced down and noted his erection pointing in Lois’ direction, which wasn’t a surprise.

“You always motivate me to perform at my best, Lois!”  Glen stated as he abruptly dropped his pants, exposing his twitching cock and hairless balls.  Lois smiled at the familiar sight, knowing full well what his tools were capable of doing.  She was certain he hadn’t forgotten he was still standing in the doorway, his pale bony ass in full view for anyone who happened to pass by.  Lois briefly looked around, hoping none of the neighbors were looking out of their windows at the moment.

“Oh, Glen!  Get in here before somebody sees you!”  Lois hissed as Glen trotted inside the doorway, his hard on swing back and forth.

“Whatever you say, Lois!  Giggity! 


“Hmmm… Oh, yeah… God, I love the way you suck cock!  Glen moaned as he watched Lois work her oral magic.  He sat back on the couch while Lois was nestled comfortably between his legs positioned in the optimum cock sucking position.  Lois was one of the best cock suckers he knew.  Few females if any had skills that were anywhere near what she possessed.  What she could do to the male organ was astonishing to watch.  Her lips caressed his shaft with generous affection, sliding up and down its entire length while her fingers squeezed his swollen ball sack.  Flicking her tongue repeatedly, Lois gradually drove Quagmire right to the edge.  Glen was about to come but had another finish in mind with his sultry partner. 

“Lois… wait one sec…” Glen rasped.  “Phew!  That was so damn sweet and it kills me to put on the brakes, but I got a plan for your backside!”  Glen reluctantly slipped away from Lois’ oral grasp.  Lois no doubt knew what the Q-man had in mind so she just smiled while she licked her lower lip.  Anticipating his needs, she laid back and spread her pale but shapely thighs.  Her neatly trimmed red-haired beaver awaited his talented tongue.

“Giggity!”  Glen rasped as he dove in, licking Lois’ pussy with abandon.  He slobbered her juicy orifice with a continuous motion, teasing her labia, flicking her clit and fingering her vagina with a repetitious and highly pleasurable in and out stroke. 

“Oh… Oh... My, Gawd!” Lois moaned as her eyes closed and her head tilted back.  “Oh, Glen… you sure know your way around a woman’s… body!”  SLUP, SLUP, SLUP!   Was all Lois could hear and feel.  Glen gave her the whole nine yards while pressing his face into her crotch with determination.  In seconds, Lois Griffin experienced her first climax that day. 

“Oh, my God I’m coming!  Glen!”  Lois screamed as Quagmire used a finger-tongue combination assault on her “G spot”, rubbing her clit at the same time with the tip of his nose (a Quagmire proprietary move known to few men and even fewer females…).  Lois was pudding in his hands as two consecutive and equally thrilling orgasms wracked her pussy causing a generous secretion of vaginal juice to coat Glen’s “Rocking Robot” chin.  But he didn’t stop there… keeping his effort steady until Lois came a third time, growling in her throat as her face contorted in a grimace of ecstasy.  Then she finally collapsed, almost like a wet noodle, exhausted from a stellar effort on Glen’s part.  Lois caught her breath eventually and then opened her eyes.

“Glen… Quagmire…” Lois huffed.  “You are a … sex machine!” Breathing a sigh of satisfaction, Lois recovered from her euphoria and looked over at Glen.  “I haven’t come three times in a row since my honeymoon… and two of those were self induced!  Ha!” 

“Well, alright!”  Glen replied.  “Who’s the man, Lois?  Come on…”   Quagmire motioned Lois to turn over.

“You are of course!”  Lois purred.  “What now, handsome?  The big finale?” 


Quagmire was in the mood for some serious doggie-style action and Lois Griffin’s posterior was a most delicious choice and his “a la carte” selection for the day.  Once positioned behind Lois’ notable backside, he could easily opt out of a conventional approach in favor of the always gratifying “Hershey Highway”.  Whether it was plowing her pussy or venturing down “dirt road”, one thing was perfectly clear; having savored both pathways on several occasions, he was secure in the knowledge any last second change of “venues” would provide his well deserved climax with a mind-blowing incendiary sensation that was the trademark characteristic of having sex with Lois Griffin.  

Giving Lois head was the perfect set up for either destination’s selection.  But not only did Lois’ pussy taste good (as mentioned before…), but her vagina was still “snug” after having three kids and that was something Quagmire appreciated very much.  So when he stuck his hard cock into her snatch, Lois moaned with immediate satisfaction.  Then, he started to hammer that beaver with authority, Lois’ succulent ass cheeks firmly in hand. 

Lois was on all fours, but soon bent all the way over, resting her chin on her crossed arms.  Quagmire wasted no time and quickly kicked things up a notch as his hips went into overdrive, his cock a blurred piston in and out of Lois’ pussy.   

 “God, Lois!” Glen puffed.  “Your pussy is… so… damn… sweet!”  

“Oh, Glen… fuck me!  Fuck me, royal!”  Lois begged.  “Fuck that pussy like you know it needs to be fucked!”

Lois didn’t need to prompt her dedicated lover and Glen didn’t need any motivation.  But true to his plan, he had the required energy level and the perfect angle of attack.  The room was soon filled with the sounds of their laborious, but delicious activity; the arduous sound of Glen’s hips slapping against Lois’ ass; the moist exchange of his cock as it ram-rodded her vagina; the complimentary moaning and groaning, as well as the occasional “huff and puff” from Quagmire as he exerted a most determined effort (not to mention Lois Griffin’s frequent whimpering and nasal squealing…).  Griffin and Quagmire sailed on to orgasmic oblivion.   

“Oh, Glen… just like that… don’t stop!  Harder… faster!”  Lois squealed as she was rocked by Quagmire’s relentless slamming.  “I’m coming again!” 

And that did it for Quagmire.  He could now let go knowing he did what was necessary to make sure Lois was a satisfied customer.  She was happy… so now he could be happy.  He let the warmth build and spread, his balls hardened as his resolve melted away.  He felt the dam about to break and the flood was about to begin.

“Oh, Lois… Lois!”  Glen rasped as his climax consumed him. “Oh, Holy shit!  Giggity!

Glen paused a second before he came.  Pulling out of Lois’ pussy, he grabbed his cock before it exploded, firing out a thick stream of warm semen that splattered all over Lois Griffin’s back, a lot of it draping onto her butt cheeks.  “Oh, fuck!  Ugh!  Ugh!”

Glen grunted under the overwhelming sensation of a cataclysmic orgasm that seized his body from head to toe.  Glen was amazed at how intensely pleasurable the experience was as his cock continued to squirt as he stroked it out.  Riding the climax train, Glen enjoyed the ride even though it was a short one.

Lois sighed as she looked back over her shoulder as Glen’s penis continued its seminal eruption.


“Oh, Wow!”  Lois echoed as she marveled at the quantity Glen was discharging.  It reminded Lois of the time she dropped a plastic container of Mayonnaise on the kitchen floor and her son Chris stepped on it.  The contents flew clear across the room after which Chris commented, “Hmmm... that looks familiar… if you’ll excuse me for a few minutes…”

Glen’s face was a study in pleasure and satisfaction, satiation and complete gratification.  His droopy eyelids and sweaty brow coupled with his tongue dangling from the corner of his mouth and the gradual slowing of his penis-filled-fist, signaled the end of a blistering ejaculation of mammoth proportions.   

Lois Griffin was drenched in “Giggity-goo”.  From her shoulder blades to the crack of her ass, Lois could feel the still warmth nut-butter basting her skin.  Glen later remembered a considerable dollop that covered her bung hole in creamy goodness that necessitated a customary “thumb-rub” around the anus, swabbing the cooling jizz into her cavity.  Glen made sure his jizz covered Lois Griffin’s tight little brown-eye since he didn’t take advantage of its availability.  Next time…    

“Man, that was… incredible!”  Glen said as he lay back watching his cock wilt.  His semen was starting to dry on Lois’ back.  He noted her derriere was still a beautiful sight… even with cum dripping down the sides. 

“You deliver just like the US Mail Glen…” Lois complimented.  “Be a doll?  Clean my back?”  Glen used a towel and wiped away the evidence.  He enjoyed helping out if only to savor the view of her backside.  He never got tired of that! 

“God, I could fuck that pussy every day!”  Glen thought to himself. 

“You know… there is more where that came from, Lois…”   Glen reminded his neighbor as he finished wiping up his jizz. 

“As impossible as that may be to believe… I wouldn’t doubt that for a second.”  Lois replied.

“Well, Lois!”  Glen said.  “Time for me to ‘ski-doo’… thanks for a wonderful time!  Let’s do this again, and I mean real soon!”  Glen was halfway dressed and out the door before Lois could even say a word. 

“C’ya, Glen!”  Lois called after Glen as he ran out.  Lois then relaxed and dozed off for a while.  Savoring the afterglow of a delightful tryst, she played back in her mind a few of the moments they enjoyed.  Lois then promptly fell asleep, having a very vivid dream about Glen sneaking back into the house and taking liberties with her exposed backside.  Later she would swear it actually happened… but that’s how dreams can be!

To be continued…    

I have written numerous stories of "Family Guy" themed erotic fiction.  Looking for the proper way for it to get out there when people search for FG related art (or erotica).  Any help out there?  


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